Therapeutic Movement - Moving Through Life

I offer Therapeutic Movement programs that provide a safe and non-judgmental environment that supports a variety of health and personal growth goals. This is a fun and energizing program that blends guided movement and free expression to release tension and invite self-discovery. As a physical activity this type of movement has benefits that include cardiovascular, balance, strength, joint mobility and agility. The class is introduced with an emphasis on listening to their own bodies – to participate in a way that feels good and is appropriate for their physical condition. In this way group members don’t feel pressured to ‘get it right’.

There are important benefits to emotional and mental health as well. Physical exercise has been proven to be one of the most significant components in treating depression. The concept of ‘self-care’ is an entirely new concept for many people. Participants have an experience of giving themselves attention and care – and learning how that supports other aspects of their lives beyond their physical health.

Classes Are Adapted To The Specific Needs of Groups
With These Fundamental Objectives

  • Increase self esteem and self-image
  • Self-care skills and stress relief
  • Self-discovery and self-acceptance
  • Lifting depression and more positive attitude
  • Finding joy in movement
Helping people develop self-esteem and expand their horizons.

Peri/Postpartum Mothers Coping With Depression

In an encouraging and fun atmosphere, participants learn the importance and benefits of self-care – for themselves and their whole family. Guided and expressive movements build self-esteem, confidence and reduce stress. By connecting with other group members, this program improves emotional health. They learn ways to feel better that transcend the class setting.

Adult Substance Abuse Recovery Groups – and Teen Recovery

Designed to encourage social interaction in a fun and non-judgmental way. Guided and expressive movement practices establish a repertoire of enjoyable sober activities building self-acceptance, self-esteem and confidence that can be carried into daily life. Participants gain an appreciation for one another as they discover that their thoughts and feelings are often shared by others.

Moving Through Depression

Using simple guided movement sequences and free exploration this program connects group members in an energizing, fun and stress-relieving way. The atmosphere is supportive and non-judgmental. Participants gain more self-acceptance and self-esteem. They learn how to listen to their own bodies and learn tools for quieting the mind and focusing on the positive aspects of life. Movement and physical exercise have been proven to be one of the most significant components in treating depression.

Body Image – Creating a healthy, positive relationship with one's body

Designed to help participants improve how they view themselves - body, mind and spirit. Using fun and expressive movements participants learn to appreciate and listen to their own body’s wisdom and discover the joy of movement. In a safe and relaxing environment these classes foster self-acceptance and a greater appreciation for who they are as a whole person. This is a powerful tool for developing a more positive self-image.

Refugee Community Support

For refugee groups adjusting and building their lives in such a completely new environment these classes provide a welcoming and supportive environment that lifts the spirits and helps create a more positive outlook.


For the last 5 years Corey has provided Therapeutic Movement classes to the maternal mental health support groups that I have facilitated in the greater Lynn area. The women attending the groups are considered at-risk because they may live in poverty, experience domestic violence, have complications in their lives because of mental health issues, possess low or no literacy or have histories of substance abuse. Corey has a special gift for gaining the trust of our participants and, through her use of Therapeutic Movement, she is able to reach beyond the barriers of culture, language and socio-economic disparities to touch and connect with the hearts of these women. The benefits of the techniques she teaches to us all are priceless.

-Renee Oesterlin
Former Program Director for the Early Intervention Partnerships
Program of Greater Lynn.

Corey has been a guest presenter teaching therapeutic movement several times at the prenatal and postpartum mother’s support group that I run serving the Lynn community. She effortlessly finds connections with these pregnant or new mothers and gives them an opportunity to celebrate their bodies and spirits in a safe and relaxing climate. The mothers always leave with a smile on their faces and an intention to continue movement as a way to connect with themselves, and their babies as well!

-Catherine Hunt
RN, Early Intervention Partnerships Program.

Our refugee clients at the New American Center thoroughly enjoyed being able to express themselves at Corey's therapeutic movement class. I was surprised to see how much they could let go in this environment as many are from very different traditions. Each group brought out their own individual style and movements related to their culture, yet they were dancing and having fun together as if they had no differences at all. The most touching thing to me was to see some of the Iraqi women take off their headscarves during the dance. I have never seen them do this - to me it was symbolic of them really opening up to the other women and feeling free of their inhibition. I could see that this was a heart warming experience.

Naomi Ingram
Program Manager, New American Center, Lynn MA